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Handmade Candle Stand

Handmade Candle Stand

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There's nothing quite like the ambiance of a wax candle. Unlike the faux battery-operated options, a candle's warm glow is timeless and elegant. So this Homemade candle holder adds to the charm of this age-old home essential by taking the candle's design one step further. This candle stand is made of heavy cast iron with a rustic black painted finish giving an antique feel. In addition, it is an elegant piece for your house in a simple decorative style. It gives you a subtle and elegant atmosphere and so more texture of a family.

Why You Have It:.

  • It delivers exquisite craftsmanship: simulate facial lines, detailed engraving, hand-dyed
  • It is an ideal decor piece for an art lover: it's perfect for your Living room, bedroom, porch, a coffee desk, and so on.
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